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Maverick Man broke and trained at Mangold Ranch lead to a successful relationship between horse and rider! One of our favorites, he developed an amazing set of skills and his owner Ashlee kept developing his training over the years creating an amazing relationship with her horse. Assisting in the development of this pair is what Mangold Ranch is all about...

Megan Lynn Mangold

Frederick (Mangold Ranch QH Raised and Trained)

I am so happy to be part of Mangold Ranch Versatility community!

I decided to lease a horse from Mangold Ranch to become a better rider, and to prepare me for ultimately purchasing my own horse. In the months I have been here, I have learned so much from Megan who has become my mentor, trainer and friend. The fundamentals of Natural Horsemanship, basic riding skills, trail riding skills, and safety around horses are all areas I in which I have personally grown, thanks to her. I have witnessed anxious, skittish horses arrive for training, and after spending some time with Megan the horses leave calm and relaxed. I have watched Megan work with children during lessons and during summer camp, and I would recommend her without reservation to work with even the youngest child. Megan is also great about helping people find the right horse if they are looking to buy, and I can account for that first-hand. Freddie, the horse I was leasing, turned out to be the perfect horse for me, and I ended up buying him. Freddie was born and raised at the ranch, and is the best trail horse and companion I could have ever hoped for. I will be forever grateful to Megan for matching me with my right horse. In addition to all of this, I have to mention Thursday nights and how they are the highlight of my week. It’s “Ladies’ Night”, and several of us meet every week with Megan for a fun night of riding together and laughing together while we spend time with our horses and work on our horsemanship skills. I love the community of people I have met at the ranch, including not only Megan and the Mangold family but also all the other riders.

I recommend without hesitation Megan and Mangold Ranch Versatility for anyone of any age who is looking for boarding, leasing, training, lessons and/or purchasing a horse. 

Essie (OTTB)

Mangold Ranch works miracles! At first I was embarrassed to call and ask for help because of my mare's bad behavior, but I'm so glad I did! They taught me the skills I need to succeed and gave me hope again! Megan and Rikki are amazing at what they do and take excellent care of the horses as they teach both you and the horse. Everything is very thoroughly explained and everyone is incredibly nice. They make you feel right at home during training!

Pauly the Palomino (Mangold Ranch QH Raised & Trained)

I had a wonderful experience purchasing a horse from Mangold Ranch! Megan is extremely knowledgeable in both horses and humans. She taught me so much in a short period of time, and made the whole thing very enjoyable! I would highly recommend!!!

Andi (OTTB)

When I first met Megan 3 1/2 years ago I was seriously considering selling my overzealous thoroughbred to purchase a "quiet" trail horse. Andiamo was easily spooked, quick to spin and generally anxious most of the time. I made the decision to no longer trail ride him after he took off across a major highway with me left behind on the ground. Megan agreed to take him for training, knowing that it might take a little longer than usual to retrain his mind, considering his breed and advanced age.  My confidence also had to be regained and after much determination and a strong commitment to her training techniques I now have back the Andi I originally fell in love with!  I am back to trail riding, both with friends and by myself. Andi is relaxed and calm and loves to lead the way. He is no longer quick to react, especially since I have learned to remain calm and confident.

Megan has been a blessing in both my personal and horse life. She continues to offer me the support and encouragement to get the most out of my horse. I am forever grateful. 

Bear (TWH)

Mangold Ranch is a great place to learn to ride, or improve your riding. Megan tunes you in to your horse or one from the ranch, and gets you riding as a team. I recommend Megan and the ranch team if you want to be a relaxed rider, confident with your horse. 

Dixie (QH)

"In October 2013, I bought a 6 year old Quarter horse mare (“Dixie”) at an auction. I had previously owned a horse, but, being a more mature rider, I was a bit hesitant about riding a younger horse – especially one whose background was not known to me. I looked around WNY for a western trainer and stumbled upon the Mangold Ranch online. I made arrangements to go out and see the ranch, and after meeting Megan, I brought Dixie to Mangold Ranch in July of 2014 for 60 days training.

Dixie did very well under Megan’s guidance and I was quite happy, not only with the way her training was progressing, but with the weekly lessons that came with the training package. I had only taken formal riding lessons for a short time, many years ago, and never considering myself to be “great” rider. Megan has such positive energy, is always upbeat, and is constantly encouraging me to do better – she really and truly helped me regain my confidence in the saddle. And watching her work with Dixie was very rewarding – Dixie really blossomed and has proved to be a solid, steady partner – one who I can trust and who also trusts me. Her natural horsemanship techniques are the key to her training success – horses instinctively react to her positive guidance and seem to learn quickly.

It is now August of 2016 and, although Dixie is no longer in formal training, I’m proud to say that Megan is still my riding instructor. She is always available if I have a question or concern – and is willing to travel to my barn for lessons. If you have a horse that is “unruly” or, if you’re simply unsure of your horse - like I was – and just need a confidence boost to help you in the saddle, I highly recommend you bring your horse to Mangold Ranch and let Megan and her family bring out the best in both of you!

Thank you, Megan!!!"