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Fun, spunky gaited morgan/friesian cross




Gaited morgan/friesian









For Sale



We call this stout, handsome little guy our little warhorse!

Finnian is a Friesian/gaited morgan cross, and he gaits like a son of a gun. He's extremely smooth and easy to ride W/T/C, and like most gaited morgans, easily picks up a rack without being pacey.

Finnian has also previously pulled a cart.

We've had Finnian a few years now and he's been through all of our ranch programs, and is thoroughly desensitized from the ground up to make a wonderful trail mount or youth performance prospect. He enjoys being ridden bareback, goes two handed off the legs, and rides Western or English.

Finnian lives out in a large herd and does equally well with mares or geldings. He has a hilarious personality and loves attention. He lives a very natural life and is barefoot, easy keeping, and has never needed a blanket. He requires no maintenance.

This guy would excel for anyone looking to have a solid partner from the rail to the trail. He loves ring work and enjoys learning new things!

We recommend Finnian for intermediate and above riders who want to build a solid bond and can give him a job to do. He's EXTREMELY safe and has been ridden regularly here by children, but he can be too smart for his own good and will try to have a mind of his own with beginners.


Trials are held in a lesson format and cost $50, which is deducted from the purchase price of the horse. Only serious inquiries please.

Before being made available for sale, our signature ranch horses undergo our fundamental training:

  • Free lunge and join up

  • Lunge on the line in both directions

  • Ground drive while wearing a saddle

  • Have been desensitized to kids, vehicles, dogs, trail distractions, and other unexpected objects

  • Stand tied patiently and calmly

  • Load and trailer quietly

  • Stop on command

  • Ride with a bit and rope halter

  • Tolerate clipping, bathing, farrier care, and basic veterinary attention

Please text 716-201-6229 to schedule a showing. The perfect home's price is negotiable.

Contact: Megan Mangold



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