Updated: Mar 9

What is Natural Horsemanship?

Natural horsemanship means seeing things from the horse's perspective, treating them like you're one of the herd and understand how to play the pecking order game effectively.

Natural horsemanship is derived from watching horses interact with one another and thinking like one! It is the human's responsibility to learn the horse's language and not the other way around! It isn't constantly touching and stroking; it isn't how horses interact with one another. It's all about dominance, climbing the social ladder, being a trustworthy leader, and self-improvement. And that's just for human beings! It necessitates responsibility, a desire to please the leader, and mental fitness from the horse's standpoint. These are both condensed lists, but the difference between them and "normal" is in the name: with Natural Horsemanship, the horse's actual nature comes first, and the human bridges the gap.

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