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Membership Agreement
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Ranch Membership Agreement

-Mangold Ranch riders are expected to maintain good, common-sense safety practices at all times. 

-Horses are to be worked inside their physical ability levels.


-Riders are to keep within the level of their current skillset. 


-Riders are to vary the horses they are riding until they've selected their lease horse. This is in order to keep their workloads manageable and ensure students are getting varied instruction.


-Riders are not to ride horses outside of their current skill level. A conversation must happen with Megan or a ranch employee before transitioning between levels.


-Whether it’s help saddling their horse, help sweeping the aisles at the end of the day, or just a kind word in a difficult situation, Mangold Ranch riders are expected to function as a team and to support one another where they can.


-The barn is to be left clean and tidy at the end of the day. The last person leaving should ensure aisles are swept/blown out and that horses have hay and water if they are inside.


-Mangold Ranch riders should treat each other with respect and dignity. Commenting negatively about other riders, talking about each other behind others’ backs, and other ‘barn drama’ will not be tolerated.

-Mangold ranch riders are to come to the barn during their designated timeslots. Riders are not to come to the barn and ride or work with horses without supervision unless they have been given written clearance to do so from Megan directly.


-Mangold ranch riders are not to trail ride alone. Trail rides should always include at least two people, one of which is a Mangold Ranch trainer. Appropriate horses should be brought on trail rides. Someone at the barn must always know when riders are out on a trail ride for safety reasons.


-Payment for memberships is due the first week of each month and is on a month to month basis. Months are not able to be pro-rated. Cash is the preferred method of payment. The ranch does also take checks and venmo.

-Megan can be contacted between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday, at 716-946-5852. If she is unavailable, leave a voicemail and your call will be returned inside these hours. Please refrain from texting or calling Megan outside of these hours. 

-If there is an emergency at the ranch (injured horse/rider, etc) and there are no ranch staff present, there is a list of emergency contact numbers on the wall in the aisle. Please do not contact these numbers unless there is an emergency.

-Please give the ranch 24 hours' notice of missed appointments. Repeated no-shows will result in termination of ranch lease agreement with no return of payment.


-Riding memberships are a privilege. Memberships may be suspended without a refund given if the ranch member is not keeping to the rules and responsibilities expected of ranch members. Repeated breaking of the terms of this contract or disrespectful treatment of horses, employees, or other riders may result in suspension of membership with no warning.

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