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"To change your horse, you must first change yourself"

Mangold Ranch's premier service is our comprehensive horse training program, specializing in natural horsemanship and horse training in Buffalo, NY. We work with horses from the ground up, building a solid foundation of skills. Our trainers initiate, desensitize, tune-up, offer deluxe trail horse training, and complete horses with various skill sets tailored to client requirements. Throughout the training process, we keep horse owners informed and provide a one-hour lesson each week for both the horse and owner, focusing on fostering a balanced relationship.


Renowned for rehabilitating horses with behavioral issues, Mangold Ranch Versatility is the go-to place for dealing with dangerous or unruly horses. Our mission is to instill confidence in riders from the ground up, teaching high-quality skills to both horses and riders for a safe, healthy partnership. Become your horse's compassionate leader, acquire skills to be proud of, and join our supportive community of like-minded equestrians. Our facility is brimming with wonderful people committed to practicing excellent horsemanship.


Mark Mangold, a natural horsemanship master trainer, has taught his children the art of horsemanship from the ground up. Although semi-retired, Mark remains actively involved in our training program on a select basis.

Our programs prioritize rider safety and teach essential skills from the ground up. We offer 30, 60, or 90+ days of training, with a starting rate of $2,000 for the first month for new clients. Horses in our program learn a wide range of skills, from gaining trust and respect to proper saddle fit and bitting.

We train horses for various purposes, such as deluxe trail horses, ranch versatility horses, reining horses, mounted patrol horses, and more. To book training, please fill out our training request form or call/text us at 716-201-6229. Our schedule is often fully booked months in advance, so we recommend contacting us as early as possible to secure a spot.


Horses in our program learn a variety of skills including but not limited to:

  • Gaining Proper Respect/Trust

  • Ground Tie

  • Free Lunging

  • Line Lunging

  • Proper Leading

  • The Join Up

  • Round Pen Drills

  • Flexibility

  • Desensitization

  • Ground Driving

  • Saddle & Unsaddle

  • Sacking Out

  • Ponying

  • Farrier Ready

  • Trailering

  • Bathing

  • Quality Horseback Riding Foundation Skills

  • Walk/Trot/Canter Transitions

  • A Good Woah Is A Must!

  • Proper Saddle Fit

  • Proper Bitting


We train horses for:


  • Children Safe-Lesson Horses

  • Ranch Versatility Horses

  • Reining Horses

  • Deluxe Trail Horses

  • Gaited Trail Horses

  • Gaited Dressage Horses

  • Hunter Under Saddle Horses

  • All-Around Horses

  • Western Pleasure Horses

  • Mounted Patrol Horses

  • Parade/Pony Ride Horses

  • Youth Barrell Horses

  • 4-H Horses/Youth Show Horses

  • Ranch and Cow Horses

  • Endurance Horses

  • Western Dressage Horses

  • Cutting Horses

  • All Around Horses Family Horses

    And many more!

To book training, please call/text us at 716-201-6229. Our training schedule is VERY busy and we are often booked several months out. It is recommended training clients call as far ahead as possible. We will do the best we can to accommodate individual clients based on our availability and the horse's needs. We want to make sure we have enough staff and resources to bring out each horse's best.

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