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Learn to ride from the ground UP

Have it Your Way (Private 1:1 lesson) $100/hr with a Mangold Ranch trainer

Team Training (Group Lesson) $65/hour led by a Mangold Ranch Trainer (16+ only)

Our lesson program teaches you to teach horses from the ground UP. Rather than just learning to ride, our riders learn how to groom, tack, handle, and TRAIN the horses at the ranch. Lesson students learn a progressive set of skills designed to foster independence and problem solving so they may one day be able to approach issues on their own.

Students will learn to:

  • Free lunge and join up

  • Work with horses independently and as a Team

  • Do groundwork exercises

  • Catch horses

  • Lead

  • Groom

  • Tack

  • Do basic veterinary care

  • Walk, turn, and stop under saddle

More advanced students may learn skills like lateral work, work at higher gaits, and controlling a horse in and out of the arena. There are always horses to be ridden and plenty of opportunities to learn!

Group lessons are available for students sixteen and older and are $65/hour. Younger students are welcome to book through Have it Your Way Horsemanship. The safety of our students and horses is our top priority at Mangold Ranch. Please know that anything we do will be in both of our best interests. Our goal is for everyone involved to have a positive experience with horsemanship and everything it has to offer. To book this experience, please fill out the lesson request form or call/text us at 716-201-6229.

Our availability is listed in the calendar below:

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