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Leasing Memberships at Mangold Ranch

What is a ranch leasing membership?

Looking for horse leasing opportunities in Buffalo, NY? Mangold Ranch Versatility offers an exceptional horse leasing membership program designed to help you learn horseback riding and train horses from the ground up. Our program allows members to experience various horses and training situations, fostering skill development and confidence for both riders and horses.

As a member, you'll engage in activities such as grooming, riding, groundwork, and general horse care, both in the arena and on the trails. When you're ready, you can select a horse that suits your needs after trying out a variety. Our program is designed to accommodate unexpected connections with a horse that you might fall in love with.

Why lease through the ranch? How are you different?

With a Mangold Ranch membership, you gain access to a diverse selection of horses and an array of training scenarios. Catering to riders of all levels, our membership program promotes skill development and establishes strong foundations. Experiencing a broad range of riding situations is crucial for becoming an accomplished rider. As you ride various horses before selecting your own, you can ensure the perfect match for your needs. Should circumstances change, you can always switch to another horse, enabling continuous growth and development as equestrians.

How do I inquire about a lease?

A membership starts with booking a lesson using the lesson request form. Once our trainers have a good idea of your experience and riding level, we can better determine which steps you need to take in order to be prepared to choose a horse of your own.

Are children welcome?


Children are welcome to book lessons via the Have it Your Way Horsemanship program! This is to teach them all about horses from the ground UP. Children above the age of 16 are welcome to lease a horse with the ranch. Our goal at Mangold Ranch is to teach your children how to be safe, have good foundations, and learn to train horses before they are ready to embark on their own.

Where can I see a list of horses available for leasing?


All of our currently available horses are listed on our horses for lease page. 

What levels of membership are there?

Beginner - $250 per month


Beginner level memberships entitle the rider to one one-hour riding timeslot per week. Beginner level riders are riders who are new to horseback riding, or who need more support and supervision. Beginner level riders will ride and train under close supervision from ranch trainers at all times. Generally timeslots at the beginner level consist of walk-trot only rides in the arena as well as basic foundation groundwork skills. At this stage, you will be exploring our lease horses and finding which of them meshes well with you.


Intermediate - $300 per month


Intermediate level memberships entitle the rider to one one-hour riding timeslot per week, which may go over time depending on the activities at the barn on that day. Intermediate level riders are acquainted with basics and are capable of walking and trotting horses on a loose rein by themselves. Intermediate level riders work independently with ranch staff present and are skilled enough to join the group on trail rides. Intermediate level riders may begin doing groundwork with more sensitive and/or green horses, but are not ready to participate without supervision yet. At this level, you will begin to understand what you do and don't like in a horse, and should begin to have an idea of which horse you'd like to claim as yours.


Advanced - $500 per month


Advanced level memberships entitle the rider to 2+ days per week of ride time with no time limitations. Advanced students are capable of catching, tacking, and mounting their horse without assistance. Advanced riders can control horses at the walk, trot, and canter on a loose rein, both in and out of the arena. Advanced level riders are able to work with sensitive, green, and otherwise more challenging horses on the ground. Advanced level members are able to ride at the barn when designated ranch trainers are not present. 


Advanced level riders must still schedule ride time and make staff aware of when they are at the barn. Nobody is to be at the barn without informing staff that they will be present, for safety reasons. We still recommend nobody ride when nobody else is on the property.

Ladies' Night -- Thursday evenings after 4 PM


Every week on Thursdays, we have a special evening of riding, training, and sharing appetizers between Mangold Ranch friends! This is a great way to get acquainted with our ranch community and have fun with your barnmates! Every week there is something new going on, and we would love to see you there! Ladies' night is not limited to just women, but is usually mostly or entirely women...that's just how the horse world is, some of you will understand ;) 


Our main prerogative in the spring and summer months is to trail ride and learn new things outdoors. In the winter, we ride in the arena, and sometimes just eat snacks, tell jokes, and bond with our favorite equines. Bring your favorite appetizer and a beverage to pass around!


Ladies' nights are open to intermediate members and above.

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