Natural Horsemanship Leasing Program


Mangold Ranch Versatility's natural horsemanship leasing program is a great way to practice your horsemanship skills, improve your riding ability, and learn how to properly care for a horse of your own.

We offer a leasing program for adults & children of all riding experience levels. Our program allows riders to learn and grow with a safe and loving horse. The ranch strives to provide a safe and down to earth atmosphere. Megan Mangold works closely with everyone who joins the ranch family.

If you are looking to begin an equine adventure and don't know where to start, we can teach you the fundamentals of horsemanship with a fun and loving horse on our ranch!

If you are looking for a confidence boost and miss being in the saddle, we have a one of a kind horsemanship program that will help you heal and find a trusting relationship with one of our signature ranch/trail horses.

Learn more about this program by giving us a call or text at 716-201-6229.

Leasing Program: $400 per month

Includes the care of a horse of your very own, all medical & farrier expenses are included in the lease agreement.

Includes 3 Lessons a month

Includes riding and practicing at the ranch at your leisure.

Includes a 1yr contract

Perks to Leasing:

You have your very own specially trained horse, but don't have all of the extra up keep and expenses.

Practicing good horsemanship takes time and patience, learning from an experienced trainer and horse will set you up for success.

Group trail rides, ladies nights & private lessons, are a fun way to spend time with your horse!