Membership Program

Natural Horsemanship Membership Program

Memberships at Mangold Ranch

What is a ranch membership?

A membership to Mangold Ranch Versatility’s riding program is our lease equivalent. It is our way of learning to ride and train horses from the ground up. Rather than leasing one specific horse, program members will get the opportunity to experience many different horses and training situations. This helps to build the rider’s skill and confidence as well as the horses’ in many different situations. Barn time is structured to the individual student and may include skills such as grooming, riding, groundwork, and general horse care along with riding in the arena and on the trails. 

Why choose a ranch membershop instead of a traditional lease?

A Mangold Ranch membership entitles you to the use of a variety of horses and exposes you to a variety of training situations. From beginners to advanced riders, purchasing a ranch membership will help you grow your skills and build new foundations. The best way to become a great rider is to have a wide variety of riding experiences.

How do I start a membership?

A membership starts with booking a lesson using the lesson request form. Once our trainers have a good idea of your experience and riding level, we can better determine which package is appropriate. 

What membership levels are available?

Beginner - $250 per month


Beginner level memberships entitle the rider to one one-hour riding timeslot per week. Beginner level riders are riders who are new to horseback riding, or who need more support and supervision. Beginner level riders will ride under close supervision from ranch trainers at all times. Generally timeslots at the beginner level consist of walk-trot only rides in the arena.


Intermediate - $300 per month


Intermediate level memberships entitle the rider to one one-hour riding timeslot per week, which may go over depending on the activities at the barn on that day. Intermediate level riders are acquainted with basics and are capable of walking and trotting horses on a loose rein. Beginner level riders work independently with ranch staff present and are skilled enough to join the group on trail rides.


Advanced - $500 per month


Advanced level memberships entitle the rider to two days per week of ride time with no time limitations. Advanced students are capable of catching, tacking, and mounting their horse without assistance. Advanced riders can control horses at the walk, trot, and canter on a loose rein, both in and out of the arena. Advanced level members are able to ride at the barn when designated ranch trainers are not present. 


Advanced level riders must still schedule ride time and make staff aware of when they are at the barn.


Advanced level riders will be designated by Megan directly in writing.


Additional timeslot per week - $50 


An additional riding timeslot per week can be scheduled at the ranch’s discretion and availability for $50. Availability of additional riding timeslots is not guaranteed.