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Horse Training
_Down on the Mangold Ranch_ 

Natural Horsemanship Breaking & Training 
We train all year round!

Mounted Patrol Clinic, Michigan (20 Horses and Riders) 

Georgia Gaited Horse Clinic 20 horses and riders, 2016

WNY EquiFest 2018 Natural Horsemanship Training 
"From the Ground UP"

"To change you horse, 

you must first change 
y o u r s e l f"

                        -Megan Lynn Mangold

Natural Horsemanship
Training Program.

Down on the ranch we offer a natural horsemanship training program. Every horse that begins training is worked from the Ground_Up, focusing on a good foundation of skills. Our trainer's break horses out, desensitize and sensory train, tune-up, provide deluxe trail horse training, and finish horses off with a different variety of skills depending on demand. 

Mangold Ranch trainers keep horse owners educated every step of the way. Included in the training program is a 1 hour lesson each week with the horse an owner. Trainers focus on balancing the relationship between the horse and owner through the training process. 

Mangold Ranch Versatility is known for breaking and training UN-RULY horses. Please don't hesitate to call if you own a dangerous or un-ruly horse. 

Find a confidence again Once you become part of the ranch team, you will realize there is no where else quite like it. Our facility is heart warming and filled with wonderful people who help each other and enjoy practicing good quality horsemanship. We have had great success and have many wonderful testimonials.

*Now Specializing in training for Gaited Horse Breeds! 
Megan Mangold works closely with an internationally known gaited horse trainer, Gary Lane.

*Specializing in Mounted Patrol Horse Training and Desensitization
"Proper training will keep you and your horse safe and prepared while on duty"

*If you a are a   T R A I L   H O R S E  enthusiast, like we are, our program is DESIGNED for you and your horse!"

30-60-90 +  

Days of Training Offered

$800 Every 30 Days


The foundation of skills learned in our Training Program:

  • Gaining Proper Respect/Trust
  • Ground Tie
  • Free Lounging
  • Line Lounging
  • Proper Leading
  • The Join Up
  • Round Pen Drills
  • Flexibility
  • Sensory
  • De-Sensitization
  • Ground Driving
  • Saddle & Unsaddle
  • Sacking Out
  • Ponying 
  • Farrier Ready
  • Trailering
  • Bathing
  • Quality Riding Foundation Skills
  • Walk/Trot/Canter Transitions
  • A Good Woah Is A Must!
  • Proper Saddle Fit
  • Proper Bitting
  • The list keeps on going.. Depending on the needs and level of experience between you and your horse!

Some of the horses we have trained specifically for:

  • Children Safe-Lesson Horses
  • Ranch Versatility Horses
  • Reining Horses
  • Deluxe Trail Horses
  • Gaited Trail Horses
  • Gaited Dressage Horses
  • Hunter Under Saddle Horses
  • All-Around Horses
  • Western Pleasure Horses
  • Mounted Patrol Horses
  • Parade/Pony Ride Horses
  • Youth Barrell Horses
  • 4-H Horses/Youth Show Horses
  • Ranch-Cow Horses
  • Endurance Horses
  • Western Dressage Horses
  • Cutting Horses
  • All Around Horses

We always have quality horses For Sale:

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In riding a horse, we borrow
F R E E D O M.