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Signature Horses For Sale/Lease

Here are a few sayings to think about while purchasing a horse:

"It's never the horse, always the rider"

"A Green Rider + A Green Horse = Black & Blue"

"A happy horse makes a happy rider"

Educate yourself and gain a set of skills that will last you a lifetime working with horses from the Ground_UP. If your not confident on the ground working with a horse, you do not have a confident set of skills that will keep you safe in the saddle. Find the right trainer to work with to help you and your horse develop a solid relationship through trust and respect. Every horse you work with will teach you more about yourself... and finding the right horse is a journey. Down on the Mangold Ranch we will help set you up for success along your journey looking for the right horse. 

FOR SALE: $5,000         SOLD

10yrs old
15h STOCKY Build
Bomb Proof - Would make a great mounted patrol horse
English or Western
Sound and Barefoot
TRAIL HORSE DELUXE! This mare is not afraid of ANYTHING!!
Walk-Trot-Canter, has a very nice extended trot!
She is an easy keeper 
Stays outside with about 40 other horses! Easy going in the herd
Bella is worked weekly in our program and is ready for a great loving home of her very own!!


Rocky Mountain Horse

Liver Chestnut

Gaited Gelding


6yrs old


Easy Keeper

Sweet Personality
Willing & Fun to work with
Easy Trainable Mind
Quiet & Safe

Free lunges, Line Lunges, Line Drives & Joins Up

Trail ridden

   Smokey came to us after his owner passed away and now we are looking for the perfect rider to give him the best home! He use to be used in field trails and trail. This guy is absolutely one of the favorites among the lesson kids! He's and easy mover, loves to work and is in your pocket.

$3,500 or Lease $400 monthly

BH from the Heart***Leased***

Registered Quarter Horse

Bay Mare


16yrs old

Raised since she was a yearling Down On Our Ranch

Beginner Safe

Confidence Builder

Sweet & Easy going personality 

Soft as butter to ride

Moves off the leg/seat

Neck reins

Slow Lope


Trail Horse Deluxe

 BH has given birth to 3 of our foals and has been an amazing addition to our herd. She will be eventually available to buy to the right leaser.

$6,000 Lease for $400 monthly



Mountain Horse

Gaited Gelding

Black with White Blaze 

9 yrs old


Barefoot & Easy Keeper

Loads Easily


Laid Back

Stands great for farrier & Vet

Loves to be bathed

Free lunges/line lunges/line drives

Trail & Arena Safe

Beginner Safe

Lease for $400 a month Down On The Ranch



Registered Paint Mare


12yrs old

Barefoot & Easy keeper

Trainable Mind

Naturally Talented

Trained in Natural horsemanship from the Ground_UP

Trail horse/All Around Ranch Horse

Raised Down On The Ranch

Needs intermediate-Experianced Rider

$6,500 or $400 monthly Lease Down On The Ranch



Chincoteague Pony

Stocky Chestnut Mare


19yrs old

Beginner Safe, Kid Safe

Barefoot, Easy keeper

Free lunges& Joins up , line lunges & line drives

Trail horse Deluxe

Lease for $400 monthly Down On The Ranch



Tennesse Walker/Draft Cross
Stocky gelding
Loveable & Quiet puppy dog personality
Free lunges, line lunges & line drives
Loads easily
Sure footed, smooth gaits
Barefoot, Easy Keeper
Beginner Safe
Loves attention and is very willing
Trail horse deluxe

$4,000 or Lease for $400 monthly Down On The Ranch



Gorgeous Liver Chestnut Quarter horse

Flaxen Mane and tail

8yrs old


Barefoot & Easy Keeper

Athletic, very responsive to ques & loves a job

free lunges & joins up, line lunges, line drives

needs intermediate-experienced rider

$400 monthly Lease Down On The Ranch


Rocky: QH Gelding 

Reining, Ranch horse

15yrs old 

$400 monthly lease "Down on the Ranch"!

Trail Horses
 Gaited Trail Horses,

Performance Horses
Ranch Horses,

All Around Horses 

All horses trained by Mangold Ranch will leave with a signature foundation of skills.
Come take a lesson on one of our signature horses for sale and enjoy a lifelong experience, "From the ground UP"!

If you are looking for a quality horse or just need guidance, please give us a call today.