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Signature Horses For Sale

Sissy, Gorgeous Buckskin Foundation Quarter Horse

4.5 years old 



Barefoot & Easy Keeper

Born and raised down on our ranch.

Sissy has great steering, like auto pilot... she has been trained with a great foundation of skills from the ground into the saddle. She has a nice jog, long trot, and an easy lope. She has been ridden extensively on trails, she is athletic but has a quiet mind! This mare can go off successfully in any direction you chose! I want her to go to a trail riding, mounted patrol, or ranch home! This is a great horse, she is only to be sold to a qualified home!

The horses we raise on the ranch have the whole package, brains, looks, discipline, quality movement, etc! She is a gorgeous dappled bucksin! In this picture I am riding her bareback at otter creek this past october, 2018!

Thank You

Price: $5,500

Gunner the Gorgeous Silver Dappled Rocky Mountain Horse!





Easy Keeper

Beginner SAFE! He has been there done that! This is a trail Horse Deluxe! He loves trail riding! He is smooth as he is a gaited! Gunner also walks, trots, and canters! His gait is awesome on the trails! He has been used in our ranch lesson program for the past few years! We love him but would love to see him find a loving trail home! He is great with kids to adults! Gunner has a great foundation of skills starting from the ground up! He loves attention, one of the sweetest horses at the ranch!

Thank You 

Price: $4,000

Pony Boy Tri-Colored Paint 





He is a BEGINNER Safe Trail horse Deluxe!
He was trained at the ranch almost 6 years ago now.
He is looking for a loving family that loves to trail ride, he is 14.1 stocky build, easy keeper, loves attention, no vices, he free lunges, line lunges, line drives, rides English or Western, has a quiet personality, would be great for a smaller woman or kids! He is the all around perfect horse for back yard fun, 4h, ranch/trails etc!

He has been there and done that!

HE LOVES KIDS! We ride him in a rope halter all over the place! Has a                                                                                                                             great handle on him and is easy for anyone to ride! 

                                                                                                                         Thank You


Handsome Tennessee Walker "Oden"

Black & White 


14.3h tall

7yrs old

Extensive Gait Trained Horse


Easy Keeper

Oden has a great foundation of skills that make him a great all-around trail horse! He has a nice sensitive handle, moves off the leg very easily!

Oden is one of the smoothest gaited horses you will ever ride! He is short backed, strong an stocky build! He is the perfect age to have all the training he has! He will make the perfect life trail horse for someone special!  If your looking for a quiet, patient, sensitive, gaited horse! Oden is your guy! He is beginner safe, easy to ride and learn on! He has become a ranch favorite! Oden is very willing and enjoys riding in the arena or on trail! He is a fun all around horse!

Thank You

Price: $4,000

Little G! Gorgeous Liver Chestnut! Flaxen Mane and tail! Quarter Horse!

8yrs old



He is got the get up and go for reining, cutting, any cow sports, or even barrell racing! This horse isATHLETIC! He has a great confirmation that could take him far in any sport you chose! He has a slow relaxed jog, long trot, and a smooth slow lope or fast lope! We are taking him in the reining direction now in his training! If anyone is interested and looking for that perfect athlete to have fun with, little G is your guy! He loves to have a job! 

This horse has got the performance package ready to go!!

Not for beginners

Thank You

Price: $4,000

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All horses trained by Mangold Ranch will leave with a signature foundation of skills.
Come take a lesson on one of our signature horses for sale and enjoy a lifelong experience, "From the ground UP"!

All Mangold horses have to meet high standards before they are available to be sold. We stand by our pristine reputation and strive to produce quality horses of all breeds and disciplines. 

 Mangold ranch wants to help you find the horse of your dreams. 
We not only have many quality trained horses for sale, but if we don't have the one to fit your lifestyle, we will help you find that perfect horse.

Every rider wants a horse that is going to fit their needs but every rider needs to have the skills to mesh well with their horses abilities. The horse and rider will have to learn each other and build a solid relationship to ensure a bight future, Mangold Ranch is here to get you started. Our program is ideal for anyone looking to buy a horse. Our Ranch's number one priority is to keep all rider's and horses journey a safe and everlasting one. "From the ground UP" is how we educate and build a solid relationship between the horse and rider. 

If you are looking for a quality horse or just need guidance, please give us a call today.

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