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All your Most Common Questions

Does Mangold Ranch Versatility offer trail rides?

No, we do not offer trail rides to the general public. We do offer trail rides to regular students whose ability level allows them to stay safe outside the arena. We do not believe in allowing students with no technical horsemanship abilities to ride on the trails because it is dangerous. 

We do offer a natural horsemanship experience for people who would like to spend a few hours with horses with their family and friends, or with a group. The experience includes a demonstration of horsemanship techniques, meeting and greeting ranch favorites, brushing and tacking, and a supervised ride experience inside and/or outside, depending on the weather. Our facility is quite beautiful, and photographs are encouraged! We also have a professional photographer available at an additional cost depending on the photographer's schedule. 

What is your training methodology?

Our training methodology is Natural horsemanship training. We believe in using the horse's base nature and psychology to get them to want to work with us. Everything we do is collaborative, and we do not believe in bullying horses into getting our way. Eventually, horses at the ranch become very easy to work with and love their jobs because they live in a very natural environment and learn to trust the people who are working with them.

How do we sign up for a service offered at Mangold Ranch Versatility?

Please call/text 716-201-6229, PM on Facebook, or email us at On our website, fill out the contact form on the lesson or training requests page and we will get back to you within a couple days.

What is the difference between the Natural Horsemanship Program and Have It Your Way Horsemanship?

The Have It Your Way Horsemanship program is a one on one program with an individual instructor tailored to the student's individual goals. The natural horsemanship program is not necessarily 1:1.

The donkey is out!

Donk free ranges the property and won't cross the property line. It's okay if he's outside the fence. He often meets visitors at their vehicles and welcomes them inside. Please do not call us because Donk is loose. We know.

The big yellow horse is laying down in the pasture and he's not moving!

Pauly is very fat and very lazy. He likes to take naps. If you see him laying down outside, he's not dead and you don't need to call us. He also doesn't appreciate being woken up from his naps. Many of the other horses also like to nap, but Pauly is our most frequent offender for this question.

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