Do You Have a Question For Me?

Does Mangold Ranch Versatility offer trail rides?

Yes, we offer trail rides once students have joined one of our programs and Mangold Ranch Trainers assess their skill level and readiness.  This is not open to the public.

What is your training methodology?

Our training methodology is Natural horsemanship training; there are many forms of discipline including Western and English.

How do we sign up for a service offered at Mangold Ranch Versatility?

Please call/text 716-201-6229, PM on Facebook, email at or on our website, select BOOK NOW under the lesson type you are interested in.

What is difference between the Natural Horsemanship Program and Have IT Your Way Horsemanship?

The Have It Your Way Horsemanship program is a riding program specifically designed based upon your abilities. We work with children and adults who have a variety of physical, emotional, psychological, and developmental needs.