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We retrain rescue horses!

Mangold Ranch Versatility takes donation horses on a selective basis to retrain and rehome. Horses that are donated to our rehab program for homeless horses are evaluated for health and behavior, then put on a path for their own success! Our ranch gives a new foundation of skills and proper training for each horse and then assists in helping to find them an appropriate forever home. We are not a rescue. In order to accommodate helping more horses, they are typically for sale at market price at the end of their training program to give them the best chance at finding a home they stay at forever. 


Horses with behavioral problems are sent to our program every day. If you cannot afford to have your horse set up for a better future, we can do that for you. Horses go through a deluxe training program and are not rehomed until the ranch certifies they are fully retrained and ready for their next careers. We put a lot of our tim​e into these horses and want them to have the best chance at a bright future. We do not judge owners for needing to rehome their horses, and will not ask questions. Life happens and we understand.

To find out more about our donation program, email or call/text us anytime. The program is on a limited basis depending on ranch availability. We wish we could, but we simply can't accommodate all requests. We do our best to help owners find other resources if we do not have room. Horses that have graduated from the program are ALWAYS welcome to come back to the ranch if their owners' circumstances change.

Donated Horses

Donated horses that join our training program start with an evaluation, correcting ulcers, back pain, biting issues, and saddle fit problems to start, etc.  Then we move on to the fundamentals of ground work and correcting poor behavior issues. Once they are safe and respectful on the ground we start working them in the saddle, and so on...,  Horses "Down on the Ranch" become very desensitized to a lot of activities and commotion from the arena to the trail!  Horses are worked weekly and gain a set of skills its hard to find at any other ranch. "We fix horses" and they become happy and willing with the job that is meant for them. Once horses graduate our program they are available for sale or lease.  We always keep track of the horses that have been trained by us, ensuring a successful future.

Here are some pictures of donated horses that have found forever homes after their training journey at Mangold Ranch. 

During the time spent at our family ranch, they become the happiest version of themselves.  We have a great team that provides the best care for all our horses.

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