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Please visit our recommended business partners by visiting their websites below. They have all helped support us in our goal of bringing quality horse training to Buffalo! 

Anderson Metal Works - Local artist who designs, creates, and installs custom metalwork in Buffalo, NY for commercial and residential clients. One of our specialties is repurposing. We make custom signs, tables, bar stools, light fixtures, and railings, among other things. We make your concept a reality!

Gypsum Systems - One of the largest merit shop commercial construction companies in the Buffalo NY area. We specialize in all areas of commercial construction. Including commercial wall work, ceiling work, and plastering subcontracting. With a team of 19 individuals in the office and more than 200 in the field - including experienced carpenters, plasterers, and drywall finishers.


Conley CaseworksConley Caseworks builds AWI Quality Certified architectural woodwork components

for the design community and general construction marketplace with integrity, cost control, and speed.

Image City Interiors (ICI) - Image City Interiors, LLC specializes in commercial wall work, ceiling work, and plastering subcontracting.

Buckin Photos - Photographer located in Buffalo, NY specializing in Western style photography.

Velocity -  An innovative web design and social media management agency in Buffalo, NY serving small to medium size businesses.

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