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Landscape rubber mulch is a unique approach to enhance the appearance of flowerbeds, shrubs, and just about any outdoor space that would normally be covered in traditional mulch. Rubber mulch aids the soil and plant roots by producing an insulating blanket for the soil, allowing water and nutrients in while inhibiting weed growth. Rubber mulch for landscaping does not attract termites and does not disintegrate. Our rubber mulch for landscaping does not require replenishment and maintains its earth tone beauty and uniformity all year. We use it in our horseback riding arenas to provide nice, cushy footing for horse and rider alike.


Landscape rubber mulch is perfect for creating environmentally friendly landscapes. During its lifetime, it does not disintegrate, condense, or require annual top-up.

BENEFITS:  Reduces bug and rodent infestations and repels ants, is non-staining, and does not promote mold growth.

SIZE: Nuggets range in size from 1/2" to 5/8" rubber grains and chunks.


COLOR: Black

MAINTENANCE:  No upkeep is required for our landscape rubber mulch. It does not retain moisture, slickness, or filth, ensuring that it remains dry even after the hardest downpour. It will not freeze, disintegrate, or compress in any way. In the event of a storm, it will not be blown away or washed away.


MATERIAL: 100% recycled rubber was used to make this product.


DELIVERY: Delivery curbside within 1 hour of zip code 14055 in 10 yard increments.



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