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You can't beat the attraction of our horse arena footing when it comes to equestrian surfacing alternatives. Our rubber arena footing, which comes in 10-yard increments, is a terrific value as well as aesthetically beautiful and designed to improve rider and horse safety. It's an obvious decision for anyone who cares about the environment, quality, and safety because it's made entirely of recycled rubber. It's also a wise choice if you're concerned about your horses' long-term health and want to encourage better performance on and off the track.


Rubber horse arena footing is a cost-effective option that will pay itself both now and in the future. Are you interested in learning more about how horse arena flooring, both outdoor and indoor, might help your equestrian facility? Are you looking for a more durable and safe floor for your horse arena? Here's everything you need to know about it.

BENEFITS:  There are a variety of reasons why people choose our rubber footing for horse arenas. Rubber footing appeals to a wide range of sites for a variety of reasons, from cost savings to increased safety.


Consider some of the most significant benefits provided by this surface solution:

  • Aids in the protection of riders and horses from falling.

  • Aids in the prevention of stress-related injuries in horses and riders.

  • It never decomposes, which means less dust and muck.

  • It won't be blown away or washed away.

  • It is low-maintenance.

  • Insects and rodents are repelled.

  • Rubber mulch is non-toxic and odorless.

  • Aids in the removal of rubber tires from landfills.

  • Provides a long-term, environmentally friendly surface solution.

POSSIBLE USES FOR ARENA RUBBER FOOTING: Rubber arena footing is well-suited in a variety of situations, even beyond horse arenas, because it offers a softer, shock-absorbent surface in horse tracks and equestrian facilities. Its long-lasting, appealing finish ensures that it will last for more than a decade in even the worst conditions. Furthermore, for many applications, the elimination of dust, dirt, and erosion makes maintenance a breeze. That's why our natural rubber mulch is used in playgrounds, garden beds, military bases, athletic centers, paintball courses, hiking paths, horse arenas, and dog parks all throughout the United States. It's the ideal ground cover for any area that sees a lot of foot traffic. It's ideal for equestrian spaces since it protects horses and riders while also adding visual appeal and providing a long-lasting surfacing solution.

SIZE: Nuggets range in size from 1/2" to 5/8" rubber grains and chunks.


COLOR: Black

MAINTENANCE:  No upkeep is required for our landscape rubber mulch. It does not retain moisture, slickness, or filth, ensuring that it remains dry even after the hardest downpour. It will not freeze, disintegrate, or compress in any way. In the event of a storm, it will not be blown away or washed away.


MATERIAL: 100% recycled rubber was used to make this product.


DELIVERY: Delivery curbside within 1 hour of zip code 14055 in 10 yard increments.



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