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Discover the benefits of composted horse manure for your garden or landscaping needs in Buffalo, NY. Our natural horsemanship training facility produces eco-friendly, high-quality composted horse manure that is perfect for enriching soil and promoting plant growth. Horse manure is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, all essential nutrients for healthy soil.

BENEFITS OF COMPOSTED HORSE MANURE: People choose our horse manure for various applications, including landscaping, gardens, and arenas. Consider the significant benefits offered by composted horse manure:

  • Provides essential nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium

  • Promotes plant growth

  • Helps prevent waterlogging

  • Continuously enriches the soil as it decomposes

  • Enhances drainage in raised beds

DELIVERY: Curbside delivery is available within 1 hour of zip code 14094 in 10-yard increments. Inquire about our different types of horse manure compost, including aged 2 years, aged 3 years, and liquid gold.

Invest in the long-term health of your garden or landscaping project by choosing our premium composted horse manure. Enjoy the natural benefits and watch your plants thrive.

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