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Horse Leasing Agreement

Clients leasing at Mangold Ranch Versatility are at their OWN RISK while on Mangold  Ranch Versatility’s privately owned property located at 4870 Upper Mountain Rd, Lockport, NY,  14094. Mangold Ranch Versatility will be solely responsible for veterinary bills or medical expenses of any kind for lease horse (Listed below). Mangold Ranch Versatility has the right to make any and all health decisions regarding the health and welfare of leased horses (Listed below). If lease payment is missed 2 consecutive months, you forfeit your lease, and Mangold Ranch Versatility may at this time sell or re-lease your leased horse (Listed below). However, there will still be a balanced owed for remaining lease agreement.

This lease Contract is on a yearly basis and due the 1st of every month.

Leasers must give 1 month's notice before canceling Mangold Ranch Versatility leasing  contract. If Mangold Ranch Versatility must dismiss you for any reason you must vacate the premises immediately and forfeit your remaining lease terms.

Leasers must ask for permission via Text message(SMS) from Mangold Ranch Versatility management to remove Leased horse (Listed below) off of Mangold Ranch Versatility Property for any reason.

Ranch Rules 


2. Always wear a helmet while riding a horse 

3. Please keep the barn 10% cleaner than you found it 

4. For your safety & the safety of our herd Megan must know when you’re on the property at all times! 

5. Please make sure gates are closed, water is OFF, The lights are OFF, and things are put away before leaving the Ranch. 

6. The Golden Rule “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” 

7. Please respect Ranch hours posted on our website and barn front door.

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Mangold Ranch Versatility

4870 Upper Mountain Rd

Lockport, NY 14094