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Horse For Sale


Something Positive with this hard time- $3,500

Georgie is now ready for a forever loving home!! Completing his training “Down on the Ranch”


He was donated to our training program during a family’s hard time- he was loved and used as a trail horse for years and due to unfortunate circumstances they found us-

After joining our program Georgie is now well rounded from the rail to the trail!! This gelding is 16 years old he would make a safe trail horse for children or a beginner+ adult.

Georgie has an outgoing and sweet disposition, he is and easy keeper, he enjoys attention, he is being used in our Mangold Ranch program until he finds the perfect match for him.

Georgie, free lunges/ joins up, line lunges, line drives, has been desensitized to Ranch/trail activities, he lives in a herd of horses outdoors, easy going and not dominant.

Georgie is 15.2h tall

Black and White Paint

Kind Brown eyes

Easy going and we’ll post many videos!! He rides western/English W/T/C. He is Not afraid of anything, we ride him bareback trail riding:)

He has only half a tail as Georgie, came into our ranch with a huge matted frozen tail- this horse deserves a great loving home!! He’s beautiful from the inside out-

Thank you- stay healthy

& spread the word:)

Call or text to ask more about Georgie @716-201-6229

Thank you!


Natural Horsemanship Training Advice

Posted on June 13, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Building skills for horse and rider,


When horse owners send their horse to Mangold ranch for training it is usually for 30 to 60 days, as this is within their budget. In this time we can make progress on many specific issues, however we most likely will not be sending home a perfectly trained horse. Good horses and successful partnerships are developed over years, not trained in a few months.


We can usually get the horse trained to the expectations of the owner, however this may not mean success for the horse and rider. Riding is a partnership and the horse cannot sustain training above the rider’s skill level. If your horse can spin, roll back and slide to a stop, he won’t maintain that ability if the rider does not possess the proper skills. As an example, consider a tennis match. Suppose you are a capable player and hit the ball over the net, but the other player cannot hit it back to you. It won’t be much of a game, and both players will be frustrated. The rider must realize that growth on his/her part must match that of the horse.


Mangold ranch was started in the pursuit of reining and ranch horses, however whatever your pursuit, training is essential for the rider and the horse. Horse riding is not “kick to go and pull to whoa”. Anyone riding a horse needs basic skills for the safety of all involved.


I have heard people say “Oh he’s just a trail horse”. In my mind, trail horses must be well trained (and desensitized) and the rider must be skilled in order to develop a partnership that will keep them both safe on the trail.


In order to achieve that high performing partnership between horse and rider, it takes time, patience and consistency. Good horsemanship comes from a lifetime of building through continual learning. Be willing to improve your skill level as you seek to improve the skills of your horse. Start by finding the right mentor or trainer for you and your horse. This trainer should be able to explain the “how’s” and “whys” of good horsemanship, as well as understand the needs of both you and your horse. Remember, if your horse is having a problem, you are part of the problem, as well as part of the solution.


Riding without confidence is not much fun and not very safe. Building skills builds confidence. If it is your goal to become a more confident rider, better horsemanship skills will get you there.


Lastly, if you find yourself in the market for a new horse, look for a horse with more experience and skills than your own. Then be sure to invest in developing your own skills to come up to the level of your horse’s skills. If you don’t do this, your horse skills will eventually be reduced to the level of your skills. Don’t invest in a horse only to bring them down to your level.


Instead, raise your level to meet his.


One final point, horses don’t make mistakes, people do. This is an important philosophy in the foundation of good horsemanship. One we try to keep at the forefront of our minds when working with your horse at Mangold Ranch.

By, Mark Mangold

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