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Building skills for horse and rider,

When horse owners send their horse to Mangold ranch for training it is usually for 30 to 60 days, as this is within their budget. In this time we can make progress on many specific issues, however we most likely will not be sending home a perfectly trained horse. Good horses and successful partnerships are developed over years, not trained in a few months.

We can usually get the horse trained to the expectations of the owner, however this may not mean success for the horse and rider. Riding is a partnership and the horse cannot sustain training above the rider’s skill level. If your horse can spin, roll back and slide to a stop, he won’t maintain that ability if the rider does not possess the proper skills. As an example, consider a tennis match. Suppose you are a capable player and hit the ball over the net, but the other player cannot hit it back to you. It won’t be much of a game, and both players will be frustrated. The rider must realize that growth on his/her part must match that of the horse.

Mangold ranch was started in the pursuit of reining and ranch horses, however whatever your pursuit, training is essential for the rider and the horse. Horse riding is not “kick to go and pull to whoa”. Anyone riding a horse needs basic skills for the safety of all involved.

I have heard people say “Oh he’s just a trail horse”. In my mind, trail horses must be well trained (and desensitized) and the rider must be skilled in order to develop a partnership that will keep them both safe on the trail.

In order to achieve that high performing partnership between horse and rider, it takes time, patience and consistency. Good horsemanship comes from a lifetime of building through continual learning. Be willing to improve your skill level as you seek to improve the skills of your horse. Start by finding the right mentor or trainer for you and your horse. This trainer should be able to explain the “how’s” and “whys” of good horsemanship, as well as understand the needs of both you and your horse. Remember, if your horse is having a problem, you are part of the problem, as well as part of the solution.

Riding without confidence is not much fun and not very safe. Building skills builds confidence. If it is your goal to become a more confident rider, better horsemanship skills will get you there.

Lastly, if you find yourself in the market for a new horse, look for a horse with more experience and skills than your own. Then be sure to invest in developing your own skills to come up to the level of your horse’s skills. If you don’t do this, your horse skills will eventually be reduced to the level of your skills. Don’t invest in a horse only to bring them down to your level.

Instead, raise your level to meet his.

One final point, horses don’t make mistakes, people do. This is an important philosophy in the foundation of good horsemanship. One we try to keep at the forefront of our minds when working with your horse at Mangold Ranch.

-Mark Mangold

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All About Us

The Mangold Ranch team has been training horses and other animals for over 20 years. Megan Mangold, president and head trainer, with Rikki-Marie as the ranch manager take pride in the ranch and dedicate their time to constantly learning and growing with every opportunity there is. Every member of our ranch family has an important role, which makes the facility run like a well oiled machine. Our ranch is a down home family atmosphere where good manners are a must and all of the animals are truly loved. The Mangold Ranch philosophy focuses on natural horsemanship methods. Horse training, "From the Ground_ UP". Our methods are similar to Gary Lane, Bill Minchew, Tommy Turvey, Clinton Anderson, Stacy WestfallChris Cox. There is never a job that goes un-finished, hard work is our motto. Safety is #1 at our facility and we take pride in our experienced trainers & staff. 

Down on the ranch there is much fun to be had and always something new to learn. 

The grass truly is greener down on the Mangold Ranch. 

Mangold Ranch specializes in the training of Gaited horse breeds! Megan Mangold works closely with an internationally known gaited horse trainer, Gary Lane. As Gary would say, "Together lets find the magic in our Gaited Horses!"

Megan Lynn Mangold 

Western Regional Director of NYSHC

Megan Mangold grew up in Lockport, New York, in a house that was always filled with people practicing good horsemanship. Mark Mangold, Megan’s father, grew up riding horses and followed his interest in reining so that Megan had very consistent and early exposure to horses and horsemen and women who have continued to influence her throughout her life. Early influences included riding with her father at Steven Shanks in Youngstown, NY and working with Steve and Peggy McArdle Shank.

Megan attended Niagara Community College and then transferred to SUNY Cortland completing

her degree in recreation/health studies and as a personal trainer. She did an internship with Steve and was able to realize where she fit into the horse industry. Though she completed her internship long ago, she continues her work with the Shanks and has visited, trained with and trained for them in their newer work with Alfred University. Megan established Mangold Ranch Versatility five years ago and with her family’s support she has created a working business that allows her to travel and continue to learn and grow within the horse industry.

She has become a Senior Trainer with Nationally known Gaited horse expert, Gary Lane, and continues to train and conduct clinics with him and with other trainers in his system.

Her own business includes training horses, teaching, and running a summer camp for children that gives them an early and safe introduction to the world of horses. Her ambition is to take the problem horses and determine what the problems are so that each horse and owner combination can reach for its own best potential.

Megan grasps the importance of what NYSHC can do for horse people and the horse industry in New York State and believes that NYS can be at the forefront of improving the industry across the nation. In order to achieve that leadership she feels that there should be diversity within the leadership of the NYSHC, bringing professional horsemen together with non-professional devoted horsemen, adding youth, energy and fresh ideas to the tried and true methods and always keeping honesty and integrity as the goal, for herself as an individual, as well as, for the organization.

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Megan Mangold & Carl Bledsoe from Georgia, work closely together as they are both senior trainers of Master Gaited Horseman Gary Lane of Kentucky! 
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"Together lets find the magic in our gaited horses"

                   -Gary Lane