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R A N C H   N E W S
March 2020

Sign Up Now for Spring & Summer Horsemanship Lessons:

We have a few programs available:

Children's Horsemanship Lessons Begin:  Saturday, March 7th

Adult Horsemanship Lessons Begin:  Saturday, March 7th.  


Located right here in  W N YMangold Ranch  specializes in  n a t u r a l  h o r s e a n s h i t r a i n i n g!  Our ranch 

is dedicated to training horses and riders of all  d i s c i p l i n e s. The Mangold's offer a one of a kind lesson 

program where the rider learns the fundamentals of horsemanship and gains experience working  horses from the 

Ground_UP.  Key components taught are; how a horse's mind works, how to stay safe while working with horses, and 

how to be a fair but a firm  l e a d e r.  Learning to be a good horseman takes extensive time and practice. We are 

committed to developing these skills. Down on the ranch we also breed, raise, and train horses for  r a n c h   

v e r s a t i l i t y  work,  t r a i l  r i d i n g,  reining, and a variety of other skills.  Our  favorite  activity to do on the 

ranch is  t r a i l  r i d e,  we have some of the best trained trail horses in WNY and we're always training new

ones! Our ranch is  f a m i l y  o w n e d   and  o p e r a t e d, we would love to meet you! 

Now giddy up, and give us a call! 

*Megan Mangold Specializes in the training of  all   G A I T E D   B R E E D S!
Megan is a senior trainer of internationally known gaited horse trainer, Gary Lane.

*Specializing in   M o u n t e d   P a t r o l    H o r s e   T r a i n i n g   and  Desensitization!
Proper training will keep you and your horse safe and prepared while on duty. Megan works closely with the local mounted patrol units.

*Specializing in    T r a i l    H o r s e    D e l u x e    T r a i n i n g! 
Find Confidence "From the Ground_UP and enjoy the trails with your best friend!

*Specializing in the   c o r r e c t i o n   of   UN-RULY   H o r s e s!

A L L   H O R S E   B R E E D S   W E L C O M E ! !

Mangold Ranch works with all breeds and disciplines!

CHECK OUT OUR  C O W G I R L  A P P A R E L  https://mangoldranchstore.com/

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