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It's never the horse, always the rider

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If your in the need of horse training...
Learn horsemanship from generations of experienced trainers. Horses that come for training re-start from the Ground_UP. That helps all horses gain a great foundation of knowledge you wont find anywhere else. 

We offer horse evaluations to help you determine what is the next step for you and your horse!
$75 for the hour

Megan Mangold does professional saddle fitting! Don't hesitate to set up an appointment if you believe your horses back is sore or your saddle is causing problems! 

Bitting Issues? Gain a bit of knowledge @MangoldRanchVersatility
Call and set up an Evaluation! 

PRIVATE HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC's - Down on our ranch or yours!

"From the Ground UP"

"We Ride Horses"

Do you own a Gaited Horse?

Mangold Ranch specializes in the training of Gaited Horses! Gain quality training from someone who really understands the significance of the gaited breeds! The gaited horse depends on a rider that understands how to develop a gait correctly and naturally. If anyone tells you to put a bigger bit in your horses mouth, leave them and call us IMMEDIATELY! 

If you need a bigger BIT... join us down on the ranch and gain a bit of knowledge!

Mangold Ranch works with all breeds of horses now stemming to a large focus on the gaited breeds for our avid trail riders across the country! Unfortunately there is so much poor information and trainers out there for the gaited breeds specifically, so picking a quality trainer needs to be taken seriously for the benefit of the horse and rider. 

Thank You,
Please call us for more information.

Down on the ranch, learn to understand the mind of your horse, gain the building blocks to a solid relationship and reap the benefits of finding a true connection between your horse and yourself. 

"From the ground UP" - Megan Lynn Mangold

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WNY EquiFest 2018

WNY EquiFest 2018 was a great success!
Thank you for supporting our local growing equine community!

This past March, for the eighth year, over 9,000 people gathered for two days in Hamburg, NY for the area’s Premier Equine Expo & Equestrian Gathering – the WNY EquiFest! A community oriented, family friendly weekend when we “Celebrate the Horse” and the horse industry in New York State.

Megan Lynn Mangold from Mangold Ranch Versatility presented along with her mentor Gary Lane from Kentucky and her colleague Carl Bledsoe from Georgia! 

 Mangold Ranch Presentation: Natural Horsemanship Training from the Rail to the Trail!
"From the ground UP"