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It's never the horse, always the rider

Signature Horses For Sale

Trail Horses, Gaited Trail Horses, Ranch Horses, Show Horses, Ponies etc.  
Trained with a quality foundation of skills.
Come take a lesson on one of our signature horses for sale!

All Mangold Horses have to meet high standards before they are available to be sold. We stand by our pristine reputation and strive to produce quality horses of all breeds and disciplines. 

If you are looking for a quality trained horse?
 Mangold ranch strives to help you find the horse of your dreams. 
We not only have many quality trained horses for sale, but if we don't have the one to fit your lifestyle, we will help you find the perfect horse.

Every rider wants a horse that is going to fit their needs and every rider needs to have the skills to mesh well with their horses abilities. Every horse and rider will have to learn each other and build a solid relationship to ensure a bight future.
Not only will we train the horse, we will train you. Good equine & human relationships take time and effort! Learn with the guidance of Mangold Ranch!


Don't get fooled in the horse world, seek guidance before purchasing!
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