Mangold Ranch Versatility

It's never the horse, always the rider

Now Booking 2018 Clinics

Natural Horsemanship Training Clinics:
Learn the fundamentals of ground work, understand your horses body language, enhance your performance in the saddle. 

Mangold Ranch offers:

Private & Semi Private Clinics 
Price average is around $450 (per horse & rider) depending on the number of people

Group Clinic's 
 8 - 10 riders, price average is around $350 per (horse & rider)

1. Natural Horsemanship "From the Ground Up"  Clinic - 
Ground work, Saddle fit, proper bitting, gaining respect & trust, proper seat,
proper hands, trail horse safety.

2. Specialty Gaited Horsemanship Clinic -
Understand the footfall of the gaited horse, identify the fundamentals of a true gait, learn about proper back health, saddle fit, proper bitting, riding the gait, enhance your seat and hands, trail horse safety. (Megan is a Gary Lane Senior Trainer) 

Our clinic's are adaptable to the needs of our clients:
Please call us to book your 2 day clinic now as our 2018 season will book up fast!

 Clinic's book up fast, please call us directly at 716. 201. 6229 to reserve your clinic dates!

We take pride in teaching a good foundation of skills to the horse and rider.
Megan, looks forward to working with y o u.