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It's never the horse, always the rider

Happy Holiday's from all of us to you...

Mangold Ranch, located right here in WNY, specializes in natural horsemanship trainingOur ranch is dedicated to training horses and riders of all disciplines. Our trainers offer a one of a kind lesson program where the rider learns the fundamentals of horsemanship and gains experience working with horses from the ground up. Key components taught are; how a horse's mind works, how to stay safe while working with horses, and how to be a fair but a firm leader. Learning to be a good horseman takes extensive time and practice. We are committed to developing these skills. Down on the ranch we also breed, raise, and train horses for ranch versatility work, trail riding, reining, and a variety of other skills. Our favorite activity to do on the ranch is trail ride, we have some of the best trained trail horses in WNY and we're always training new ones! Our ranch is family owned and operated, we would love to meet you! Now giddy up, and give us a call! 

*Now Specializing in training for Gaited Horse Breeds!  
Megan Mangold works closely with an internationally known gaited horse trainer, Gary Lane.

*Specializing in Mounted Patrol Horse Training and Desensitization
Proper training will keep you and your horse safe and prepared while on duty. Megan works closely with the local mounted patrol units.

*Specializing in Trail Horse Deluxe Training
Enjoy the beautiful trails with your horse while having confidence and trust in yourself and your horse after our program.

*Specializing in the correction of un-ruly horses, all horse breeds are welcome!

Fun Fact:  "
If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question, or asked the question wrong."

Learn to understand the mind of your horse, enhance your relationship and reap the benefits of a true connection between horse and rider, down on Mangold Ranch. 

Natural Horsemanship Training

Horseback Riding Lessons

Kids Summer Horsemanship Program

Horse Leasing

Horses For Sale

WNY EquiFest 2018 is March 24th and 25th! COMING SOON! 
Megan Mangold, Gary Lane from Kentucky and Carl Bledsoe from Georgia will be putting on demo's!
Make sure you look our booth and demo times up! So excited for this years EquiFest, lets kick off the spring strong!! EquiFest, located at the Hamburg Fair Grounds!!

Mangold Ranch training books up fast right after EquiFest, please contact us ahead of time to get your horse booked for spring training! Thank you in advance, Megan!

EquiFest 2017:  "How to gain respect from your trail horse"